For those who loves Fashion:

One of the great things about working in fashion is you do it because you love it, you are truly passionate about it. It's not an easy industry where you'll be a one hit wonder and people will know you and follow you and you would have 'made' it. It's an industry where it takes years to make a name for yourself, build a brand and stay consistent. Consistency, consistency, consistency. Every day you start fresh, looking for new venues, new leads and new contacts to get bigger and better than the day before. Every day you have to inspire yourself to do better than the day before. Every day you have to stay optimistic, and energetic. With the ever-changing nature of the fashion industry there is never a dull moment, or should I say a restful moment. To be truly passionate about fashion you have to be on the lookout, all the time, every time; for that new trend, for that new inspiration, for that new idea or vision. And you still don't know if you will 'make' it. You do it because you want to make it and you hope to make it.