Art to Fashion - In collaboration with Sitar Arts Center

20% of the purchase price of all ‘Art to Fashion’ pieces raise funds for the DC-based non-profit Sitar Arts Center to support after-school art programs for underserved youth.

#Art to Fashion-DC is a platform to inspire and educate underserved youth about art, fashion and entrepreneurship

The Art to fashion project was initiated with a desire to give back to the DC community using art and fashion education as the primary medium. The project is designed to inspire underserved youth to express themselves with art, and transforming the art created by these children into textile designs, and eventually into designer womenswear. 

The Art to Fashion project was founded by designer Shafaq Saeed with a passion for education and community-involvement. Over the years Shafaq has been involved in multiple community-based projects both as a teacher and a mentor, having  travelled as far as the Philippines for the non-profit organization Global Volunteer Network.  She has also previously worked with the Mad Science Group, as well as taught as a volunteer teacher through the Minnesota School District.

The Art to Fashion Project with the Sitar Arts Center not only allows the underserved kids to express themselves while enhancing their artistic skills, but provides them additional opportunities to learn first-hand about art, fashion and business. The goal of this project is to encourage children to expand their horizons. The initiative is designed to provide the children insight into an entirely new industry and giving them direction for future interests. The project also provides the children a sense of accomplishment knowing that their art work is used to benefit the Sitar Arts Center. 


We raise funds and awareness for the Sitar Arts Center via exhibitions, trunk shows and online sales. We welcome you to join us in supporting art programs for underserved children by by making purchases from the Art to Fashion Project .

If you’d like to get involved or provide additional support by hosting events, sponsoring events or in any other way, please contact us at

If you are a non-profit looking to partner with us, please email us at

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